In these challenging times getting together is not an option
yet effective communication is more important than ever

Virtual Events with Creative Flair

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Advantages of using Ideal Projects

From inspirational events to high-end video production we have always been at the cutting edge of innovative communication.
Ideal Projects WebTV will give your virtual events the professional edge your business deserves.

Video chat tools have come to the fore, enabling virtual meetings keep business moving, but they can become unwieldy to manage. And there are times when you need to project a more professional image than they allow. Fumbling around trying to share your screen with a prospective new client is not a good look, for example.

Ideal Project’s WebTV introduces a producer to the mix. They will guide the set-up of remote cameras, phones and webcams for the best possible picture. Then we will connect them with our HD dedicated peer-to-peer software. The producer will then manage the virtual event from a remote location; mixing camera shots to maintain audience interest, putting branded name captions up to identify the contributors, playing in other video elements, cueing PowerPoint slides (which we can design for you too if needed). By doing it properly your business looks slick and professional as it should.

We can then live-stream the output to any (or all) social media platforms or your own private media server. We can record the output so you can distribute the final video as necessary or we can iso-record the elements for onward editing into video productions.

Doing it properly is what we do.

We know people are hesitant to give out email addresses and phone numbers, but we promise (cross our hearts and hope to die) that we will only use the details to contact you back and nothing else.

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